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Founded in 2015, ConkreteMTL sets out to bring you the finest and rawest new sounds from cultivating enthusiasts around the globe. Offering a fresh new outlook for up and coming bass music gearing out the roots of: UKG, Booty Tech, Good Vibes House, Underground Funk, Breaks (& more). Our infamous "Conkrete Tapes" series offers an exclusive ear to showcase carefully selected, forward thinking up & coming DJs as well as the seasoned pros who have paved the way for us all.

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The Conkrete Tapes


//018 - True North

Oh yes fam! The time has finally come to take you all back to school and what better way to ring in the new class than to hand the decks over to the newest member of the team?! This young gun has already won props from all of us and we've barely seen the tip of the iceberg.

Ladies and gents, to mark our 3rd year anniversary we proudly present to you.. 

The Conkrete Tapes // 018 - True North


//017 - Troy Power


The East coast take-over continues! This fine edition we get to trip out with the 902's elite; LightHouse Atlantic Canada commander and all around party monster.. Yes you guessed it! The maritime mad hatter himself, Troy Power!! (and with a Conkrete Tape so fun, it's almost unfair to everyone else!)

Watch out!!

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//016 - Mizz Maxine

Ladies, gents & bass heads alike; it is with a ton of pride a much anticipation that we get to finally present to you our next edition. Ever since we first we first laid our ears on one of her live sets several years ago, we've been dying to get her on our decks. She's not only one of the original bass mavens of eastern Canada but also, and by far, one of the best DJ's we have ever had the privilege to experience. Finally after a nearly two year hiatus, the eagerly awaited return of the one and only Mizz Maxine <3

Do yourselves a favor and catch her big live return with us May 19th at Newspeak!!

The Conkrete Tapes // 016 - Mizz Maxine

//015 - KittyBass

Watch out cause this kitty got claws! It's with exceptional pride that we are super stoked to release this very heavy hitting editipon 015 by the east coast's one and only, Ms. KittyBass!!

The Conkrete Tapes // 015 - KittyBass


//014 - Sheevs [F.K.A Miss Sheavious]

With high anticipation, we're back and set on a quest for the west as our next guest hails all way out from Vancouver. With sets hot enough to start brush fires she's really been burn burning up the scene from Alberta to BC. Packing a punch at every turn and ready to go the long run; she's surely set to be a heavyweight in no time.That's right, as per usual we're back with a bang! Ladies and gentlemen..


//013 - In_The_Valley

Oh yes!! Get ready to stomp the very ground you're standing on cause this month we have the very honor of hosting on our exclusive mixtape series, one of the guns behind the infamous Club Dorks crew; never predictable and always on point as he seamlessly switches every beat right under your feet from beginning to end, ladies and gentlemen get ready to bounce and show some love..

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//012 - Ward

Ladies & gentlemen, it is with great excitement and honor the we get to bring to you the next installment of our infamous mixtape series. This next edition comes to us from the big ol' Tdot and from a very close friend of the crew debuting her brand new moniker here with us <3 You may know her as the ever so versatile Dj Mayday but for this exclusive 12th edition of The Conkrete tapes she unveils her new alias. Call her what you will, this bass vixen can juggle beats like a 3 ring circus and still hits harder than a runaway freight train!! Enough talk, lets drop this needle

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//011 - Mandiz

Never underestimate a little firecracker especially when they blow up the dance-floor bomb after bomb!! It's been a long time coming so without any further delay, hands way way up in the air and booties bouncing round and round. We are more than excited to finally be releasing her freshman run on our exclusive Tapes series <3

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//007 - Shigero

Whether you've seen him hammer it out on local decks or maybe you met him as head stage manager of Valhalla Sound Circus' Hive stage Conscious Wave's Shigero musical tastes and timing has definitely been making waves in eastern Canada's bass scene. So far the only Conkrete Tape recorded by an artist who's not yet to graced us on decks live.. but when young up and comer Shigero [Sub.FM] submitted this groovy bad boy we just couldn't resist. Surely enough, we think he's definitely solidified himself a slot on our stage before the end of the year.

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//006 - Vakkuum vs Due Dilligence [F.K.A LeDisko]

Recorded live from Newspeak June 17th 2016 at the Kate White birthday FamJam <3

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//005 - White

For Kate White's 25th anniversary, The Queen B herself always knows how to make the dancefloor rumble and to jazz it up even more, here she come out swinging harder than ever for a massive 30 minutes Conkrete Tape debut!! Ladies and gentlemen, her majesty.. White

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//002 - Dick Lee

One of the original lost tapes to resurface. The impeccably and versitile Dick Lee!

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 1.18.41 PM.png

//001 - Melek

The Tape the started it all! The first one to break 1000 plays before Soundcloud shut us down and the the woman that got the ball rolling for all of us. She turned heads when this tape first dropped and now it's back to turn them all again <3